About us

Welcome to tie-dye.org!

We're dedicated to spreading the love of tie-dye through instructional videos, illustrated folding techniques and our tie-dye kits. Founded by long-time tie-dye artist, Mike Fowler.

In 2005, Mike released The Art of Tie-Dye DVD. This inspired many modern folding techniques and a new way of folding fabric for tie-dye. Now The Art of Tie-Dye is included in downloadable video format with our tie-dye kits and individual or bundled downloads on our website, tie-dye.org.

Thank you for supporting the arts and spreading The Art of Tie-Dye.

About Mike Fowler

Mike is well known in the fiber arts community for his original tie-dye designs and his development of the art. He has inspired tie-dyers worldwide with his ability to clearly explain his unique folding and dyeing techniques.

He has been commissioned to make tie-dye pieces for Shure Microphones, Austin Powers, Sony Entertainment, Rolling Stone and Musician Magazines, as well as the BP-Amoco Corporation. Mike is a California native and resides in Melbourne, Australia with his family.

Refreshing, exhilarating, exciting and wildly vivid! I think all surface designers should see and use it!
-- Jason Pollen, Kansas City Art Institute

… reflects the exuberance and vitality of "California Tie-Dye" and demystifies what has been in our consciousness since the 60’s.
-- Jan Myers-Newbury, Surface Design Association