To prepare t-shirts, fabric, pillowcases, etc.

  • Pre-wash cotton t-shirts, fabric, etc. that will be tie-dyed
  • Keep the pre-washed items moist in a bag or covered and ready to tie-up

To prepare dye for tie-dye

  • Fill the squeeze bottles to the top of the bottle "label" with water
  • When ready to dye, add 1/2 teaspoon of soda ash / dye activator included in your kit to each squeeze bottle
  • The "activated" dye will be effective for up to 4 hours with best results obtained within two hours
  • Note: Squeeze bottle tips are sealed closed and need to be cut before use

Fold and tie-up t-shirts, fabric, pillowcases, etc. for tie-dye

  • Fold and bind t-shirts or fabric per our folds or videos
  • Dye on a plastic or protective covered table, crate or newspaper to catch excess dye
  • Apply dye to both sides of fabric bundle
  • Seal dyed shirt in a plastic bag
  • Allow to sit for at least 12, but preferably 24 hours
  • Cut or remove rubber bands/string
  • Rinse/wash per usual in the washing machine